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Happy Floral Painting!

In 2021 Neilson Carlin hosted a series of online workshops that included Floral Painting Basics, Painting Portraits from Photographs, Painting the Landscape, The Fundamentals of Painting Surfaces, The Fundamentals of Painting Fabric, and Hatching. Neil is happy to announce that these workshops, as presented in 2021, were recorded and are now available for download. Join Neil as he teaches the basics of painting floral arrangements and work with him as he takes you through every step of the process.

Scroll through the images and movies above to learn more about Floral Painting Basics and view a small sample from Video 2: Simple Petal Structure and Video 3: Intermediate and Complex Petal Structures.

Want to save USD $10.00 on Floral Painting Basics and USD $20.00 on the next two workshops?

If you are interested in getting a bit more for your dollar then consider purchasing Neil's Still Life Bundle. This bundle is comprised of three workshops: Floral Painting Basics (available August 19, 2022), The Fundamentals of Painting Surfaces (available August 26, 2022), and The Fundamentals of Painting Fabrics (available September 2, 2022) for USD 195.00. Each workshop sells for USD 75.00, a total value of USD 225.00 for all three when purchased separately. When you purchase Neil's Still Life Bundle you save USD 30.00! This bundle contains ten videos with over twenty hours of video lectures, instructional PDF files for each workshop, sample images of the finished paintings, and reference images for each project. For more information on purchasing the Neil's Still Life Bundle visit the product page or click the following link:

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Three videos with over eight hours of video instruction and a supplemental PDF that defines and demonstrates the fundamentals of floral painting.


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$75 Workshop - Floral Painting Basics

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